Entomology- the branch of zoology concern with insect science

Up-cycle- reuse in such way as to create  a product with higher quality than the original

Vertical farming- the practice of growing our insects in vertically stacked layers. Eco-Fly attempt to produce food in challenging environment

Compost- decayed organic material used as fertilizer for plants. Eco Fly use faster method to produce compost compare to the traditional way (in piles)

Black Soldier Fly- The multi-beneficial black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). The larva have voracious appetites and can be used for composting household food scarps and agricultural by-product

Black soldier fly
Hermetia illucens
Larva Black soldier fly

Eco-Fly- use Black Soldier Fly as a powerful recycling agent to save and reuse precious natural resources. Many animals for example chickens, fish and pigs love to feed on insects as they are part of their natural diet.

Recycling Services

Lifvestock Feed


Improving land use

Food production takes up almost half of the plane's land surface 

Reducing water use


112 L

Liters per gram of protein production

Better FCR

(Feed Conversion Ratio)

The amount of food intake required to gain 1 Kg of body mass  


Greenhouse Gas emission (GHG) 

Livestock contributes 18% of global GHG whereas insects emit 100 times less 

Insect farms have smaller ecological footprint than most livestock farms